BRO, you got a podcast?! Great brews, awesome people, and cool stories.

Welp, I forgot to remember that I had a podcast. 


A New Year’s greeting from your good old friend... ME! Jp. 

Find out what I've been up too, and catch up on a portion of my holiday bitching and complaining as well as some "not so well though up articulations, of massive brain fart proportions..." Yeah, you don't want to miss this one... Maybe you do. I won’t judge. 


Join me for a short Christmas rant! This week I talk about the people that have a holiday stick up  their asses. And say my thank you's to all the people that have been on the podcast this last year. 

Also I talk some Star Wars, nothing much... and I don't ruin the movie, don't worry. 

Self reflections, and explorations along with rants of dating sites, thanks giving, and people not letting go of their shit! 

Haha, the music on the intro/outro is from "The Palm Tree lumberjacks" give them a listen via Facebook now!... Well, after the podcast. 
Gooble Gooble, mother fucker!