BRO, you got a podcast?! Great brews, awesome people, and cool stories.

In this episode of the podcast my good friend Izzy joins me in the garage for gun talk, drunken stories, and good laughs. 




This wont make sense now, but Bloodline is the show that I forget in the episode. (sidenote) Gino, I will get to seeing it soon. Love ya bro! 




Welp, I forgot to remember that I had a podcast. 


A New Year’s greeting from your good old friend... ME! Jp. 

Find out what I've been up too, and catch up on a portion of my holiday bitching and complaining as well as some "not so well though up articulations, of massive brain fart proportions..." Yeah, you don't want to miss this one... Maybe you do. I won’t judge. 

Hey everybody, in this episode of the podcast my good friend Danny Cordero joins me in the Ga-rage for some awesome story telling.

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Special thanks to NuffSaid, for the intro music! 

In this episode of the podcast my good friends Saint-albin and Sims drop into the studio and retell some awesome stories along with some movie talk and political bashing. 

Run-on sentence much? haha 
Special thanks to Nuff Said for the shout out on his last blog post. Thank you  for the love and support my man, 

In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Gabe and Mike. 

We talk about drugs, music, bands, band stories, Tales of the road, beer, Miami venues, politics, and much much more! 
STAR WARS SPOILER (side note, if you haven't seen Star Wars yet. Don't bitch about're not going to watch it, stop lying to yourself and the internet.)

In this episode of the podcast I sit with the most excellent Joey Funk of @OpticBLAST_ 

Join us as we talk about Star Wars (duh), Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Art, Pop Culture, Toy Development, Video games, Mac and PC, Music, Bro-ness, Politics, and everything in between.  
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