BRO, you got a podcast?! Great brews, awesome people, and cool stories.

This podcast is brought to you by wine and tropical storms. 

Here is a link to the Duncan Trussell Family hour podcast that I mention on this podcast.

Stay Safe, and don't be a dick. 


Hey guys, this episode of the podcast is a quick one! A bit shy of 20 minutes. 

Why so short, well I'm going to be MIA for  a few weeks and I wanted to let you guys know that, along with some pointless rants. 
Also, if you have no plans for Halloween, or if you really want to bail on your plans for halloween, check out the "UP ALL NIGHT" Halloween special that is being hosted by Secret Celluloid Society
They'll be playing: The Thing @11:30. Night of Demons @ 2am. ERASERHEAD @4 am and Texas Chain Saw @ 7 am! 
And before that they'll be at churchills playing a 16mm screening of Night of the Living Dead! 
Unfortunately I wont be there for either of those night, but you guys should definitely check it out! 
Until the next episode peeps! 
This week on the podcast, I sit with the guys from Secret Celluloid Society after a 35mm screening of The Fly with Jeff Goldblum. We talk about how they got started and why the 35mm flim is making a comeback. 
Be sure to check them out via instagram and facebook @secretcelluloidsociety for the upcoming films and event and to get tickets for their Saturday night screenings visit the web site 

The music of todays podcast episode is from the Sacred Cows, give them a listen on their facebook page and if you want to pick up a copy of thier CD shoot them a line at