BRO, you got a podcast?! Great brews, awesome people, and cool stories.

My long time friend Terry returns to the cast for a good 2hour bro talk session. 

We cover: School systems, travels, politics, current events, music, movies, life, projects and old tales. 


The music on the bumper is "Mr. Coffee" by the artist Lagwagon. 


On this episode of the podcast the guys from Irra's One join me for some band talk. We go through how the band got their start, the creative process of music making, tour stories and other fun events. 

The music heard in the intro/outro and end of the podcast is the track "Shipwrecked" (Follow the Bandcamp link below) 
Links to the band's social media(s) are provided below:

This podcast is brought to you by wine and tropical storms. 

Here is a link to the Duncan Trussell Family hour podcast that I mention on this podcast.

Stay Safe, and don't be a dick. 

Hey everybody, in this episode of the podcast my good friend Danny Cordero joins me in the Ga-rage for some awesome story telling.

Give him a follow on the social networks: 

Special thanks to NuffSaid, for the intro music! 

In this episode of the podcast, my good friends Salim and Abe join me in the ga-rage for some great movie talk and general pop culture chit-chat! 

Check out Movie MotorBreath (Salim's blog)

This is the PunkOff Podcast episode I mention towards the end of the episode. 

And here is a link for Paint N' Hang
Thanks for listening. 

In this episode of the podcast my good friends Saint-albin and Sims drop into the studio and retell some awesome stories along with some movie talk and political bashing. 

Run-on sentence much? haha 
Special thanks to Nuff Said for the shout out on his last blog post. Thank you  for the love and support my man, 

In this episode of the podcast I sit with my buddy Jere and we talk about film, and the stuff that keeps everybody awake at night. 

Yeah, tune in to find out! 


Also, I add the right remix of Nuff's Poundcake. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then sit down and have a listen! 

This week Nuff Said joins me in the garage as we talk music, career choices, Miami Local scene, art, the process of art, and of course whats on every bodies summer list, politics. 

Check out his blog for some really interesting and fun reads: there you can also see all of his Video-game Events and listen to the music! 
Like him on The Book of Faces: and follow him on Intagram: @Nuffsaid_theblog
#NuffSaid! Haha, enjoy the episode. 

In this episode of the podcast I'm joined by Gabe and Mike. 

We talk about drugs, music, bands, band stories, Tales of the road, beer, Miami venues, politics, and much much more! 
STAR WARS SPOILER (side note, if you haven't seen Star Wars yet. Don't bitch about're not going to watch it, stop lying to yourself and the internet.)

In this episode of the podcast I sit with the most excellent Joey Funk of @OpticBLAST_ 

Join us as we talk about Star Wars (duh), Parenting, Entrepreneurship, Art, Pop Culture, Toy Development, Video games, Mac and PC, Music, Bro-ness, Politics, and everything in between.  
Check out Joey's work on Instagram @OpticBLAST_ or Facebook (

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