BRO, you got a podcast?! Great brews, awesome people, and cool stories.

My long time friend Terry returns to the cast for a good 2hour bro talk session. 

We cover: School systems, travels, politics, current events, music, movies, life, projects and old tales. 


The music on the bumper is "Mr. Coffee" by the artist Lagwagon. 


This podcast is brought to you by wine and tropical storms. 

Here is a link to the Duncan Trussell Family hour podcast that I mention on this podcast.

Stay Safe, and don't be a dick. 


In this episode of the podcast Kian and I try to decipher the madness of flat earth and the Mandela effect. 

I also experiment with a car recorded intro. 

Join us as we loose some brain cells trying to understand how ass-backwards people think we live on a dish. 

In this episode of the podcast, my good friends Salim and Abe join me in the ga-rage for some great movie talk and general pop culture chit-chat! 

Check out Movie MotorBreath (Salim's blog)

This is the PunkOff Podcast episode I mention towards the end of the episode. 

And here is a link for Paint N' Hang
Thanks for listening. 

In this episode of the podcast my good friends Saint-albin and Sims drop into the studio and retell some awesome stories along with some movie talk and political bashing. 

Run-on sentence much? haha 
Special thanks to Nuff Said for the shout out on his last blog post. Thank you  for the love and support my man, 

In this episode of the podcast I sit with my buddy Jere and we talk about film, and the stuff that keeps everybody awake at night. 

Yeah, tune in to find out! 


Also, I add the right remix of Nuff's Poundcake. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then sit down and have a listen! 

Join me for a short Christmas rant! This week I talk about the people that have a holiday stick up  their asses. And say my thank you's to all the people that have been on the podcast this last year. 

Also I talk some Star Wars, nothing much... and I don't ruin the movie, don't worry. 

Self reflections, and explorations along with rants of dating sites, thanks giving, and people not letting go of their shit! 

Haha, the music on the intro/outro is from "The Palm Tree lumberjacks" give them a listen via Facebook now!... Well, after the podcast. 
Gooble Gooble, mother fucker! 

Hey guys, this episode of the podcast is a quick one! A bit shy of 20 minutes. 

Why so short, well I'm going to be MIA for  a few weeks and I wanted to let you guys know that, along with some pointless rants. 
Also, if you have no plans for Halloween, or if you really want to bail on your plans for halloween, check out the "UP ALL NIGHT" Halloween special that is being hosted by Secret Celluloid Society
They'll be playing: The Thing @11:30. Night of Demons @ 2am. ERASERHEAD @4 am and Texas Chain Saw @ 7 am! 
And before that they'll be at churchills playing a 16mm screening of Night of the Living Dead! 
Unfortunately I wont be there for either of those night, but you guys should definitely check it out! 
Until the next episode peeps! 

This episode of the podcast features music from the Sacred Cows

If you dig the track, shoot them an email at for your copy of the CD. Great #punkrock vibe and only 10 bones with shipping! so show some love peeps! 
In this episode of the podcast I sit with the peeps over at Cafeteria Films and we have some "Well rounded nerd talk"
Check out some of there work over at